Greetings from Okada S.S.

Since our founding in 1957, we have followed our customers step-by-step in addressing their needs.
As a livestock farmer himself, our current president developed feed distribution carriages and was able to raise the scale of his poultry farm from one that had hundreds of animals to one that had 10,000s.
Also, by developing a rotary mixing machine for manure processing, he was able to play a part in popularizing major fermentation and drying technology that is still currently in use.
Okada Manufacturing constantly strives to keep in mind development based on what our customers require and what we can produce. We do this by listening to our customers and proactively implementing ideas.
?As some areas of the globe are dealing with economic malaise, the livestock farming industry and organic fertilizer industry are not exempt from a very challenging business environment.
Given these challenges, we dedicate ourselves to walking hand in hand with our customers, bolstering our maintenance services for Okada and other manufactured machinery, and continuing to provide equipment that our customers can peacefully use.
Furthermore, we aim to apply the extensive expertise that we have accumulated since our founding and contribute to model changes in the mixer sector, thereby contributing to increased efficiency for customer operations. We provide equipment, of course, but are also committed to the intangible services of delivering facility planning advice and composting guidance so that we may be of assistance to customers in the business management aspects of their operations.
Our employees, as a single unit, look forward to continuing our partnership with you, or building new partnerships in the future, and are grateful for your support in mutually developing our businesses.