January 1955 Company founded by Sakae Okada in Tatebayashi (Obiki-cho)
June 1967 : Plant moved to Narushima (Tatebayashi city), and 1 million yen in capital used to create Okada Poultry Farming Equipment Plant, Inc. Sakae Okada selected as CEO.
April 1969 Paid-in capital boosted to 2 million yen
December 1972 Paid-in capital boosted to 4 million yen
March 1973 Began export of manure drying machinery to Taiwan
March 1975 As a comprehensive manufacturer of livestock farming machinery, changed name to Okada Seisakusho, K.K. (Okada Manufacturing, Inc.), and moved the plant to the Tatebayashi Industrial Metalworking Complex, while expanding business
April 1977 Paid-in capital boosted to 8 million yen
April 1989 Commenced a marketing and sales project focusing on Europe
January 1990 Okada products adopted by Nestle (U.S.A.)
January 1991 Developed large rotary kiln fermenting drying machinery
March 1993 Completion of new company building
January 1996 Paid-in capital boosted to 12.5 million yen
October 1998 Launched large circular fermentation mixing plants
October 2000 Developed screw mixers
Completed 3 designs (rotary, scoop, and screw) for series of fermenter mixers
March 2001 Selected by Gunma Prefecture for the "1 Company 1 Technology" designation recognizing companies with proprietary technology
December 2001 Approved by Gunma prefecture for their Management Innovation Plan for small- and medium-sized businesses
April 2002 Acquired ISO 9001: 2000 certification for our quality management system
February 2003 Paid-in capital boosted to 25 million yen
September 2008 Selected by Gunma Prefecture as a Gunma Environmental GS Business
April 2009 Transferred certification to ISO 9001:2008
June 2011 Adopted TECHS production management system