Electric automatic feed distributors

Electric automatic feed distributors@700LT

Following urgent and numerous customer requests, we have restarted manufacturing the feed distributers that we had put on hold for various reasons. However, the new models, and all drive and distributing functions, are now completely equipped with electric motors.

Electric automatic feed distributors@700LT
  • We switched the battery power to AC 200 V, allowing for the use of general-purpose motors.
  • As a result, we can now offer long-term parts supply.
  • Three different gears for running speeds (micro adjustments are possible).
  • The fundamental structures are derived from existing models, meaning that operation is free from unnecessary confusion.
  • Four-hour continuous no-load running (with some variability based on operating conditions); approximately eight-hour charging time; motor-operated for performance so quiet that there is no comparison to existing models.

Specifications @@700LT Type

Motor output
Running 0.75kw~1
Feed distribution@0.75kw~1