Okada fermenters Drying Plant Series

automatic bag filling equipment Model 301

Special hopper design means no bridging.
Also, its large 3 m3 capacity adds to efficiency.

※An optional feature allows for both a flexible container loading and plastic bagging with one machine. (Model 301 only)

  • Special hopper design means no bridging.
  • The hopper's large 3 m3 size adds to efficiency.
  • Either a screw or conveyor belt design is available for extraction from the hopper. The screw design uses machete teeth to achieve a certain degree of granulation.
  • With the attached trommel, automatic sorting of the compost before measurement provides a highly efficient operation for a higher value compost.
  • The drive motor of the conveyor belt for loading into the dumper of the measurement hopper is equipped with a brake. This facilitates the measurement system.
  • The dumper for the measurement hopper is designed with a pneumatic cylinder with one-touch opening and closing.
  • The bag keeper is designed with a pneumatic cylinder. Can be operated with a single touch.

Packer IC Model