Okada fermenters Drying Plant Series

Screw fermenters Plant Series

Fermenters that are both suited to efficient large-scale processing and that fit the variable operating environment of each plant.


The greatest feature of this apparatus is its ability to mix a larger volume overall than existing scoop and rotary models. This advantage comes from its screw, which both mixes and moves the material.
Even during operation, other advantages include low noise, near-zero release of dust particles, and less foul odor.
Developments in high-efficiency screw mixers realize economic, efficiency, and flexibility gains through the method described below, which feature screw mixers as part of the Screw Fermentation Processing Plant Series.

In the large-capacity processing, odor measures, to show power.

Linear Fermentation Plant

Efficient mixing contributes to producing high-quality compost.
Width can also be flexibly adjusted. A single mixer can process and turn wide layers.

Open-Sided Fermentation Plant

Flexible mixers for on-site processing.
High volumes of raw material can be loaded through the open side space. Length and width can be freely specified depending on the amount of material. Height can also be adjusted.